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Aquarius Daily Horoscope


Daily Astrological Forecasts

20 February, 2017

Consider the things that work for you. Focus on friends and social contacts must provide. Keep focused on your work. Such talks could begin, which will last for the next two-three days. Will raise your expectations. Enthusiasm will also grow. Business will be traveling to. No secret is revealed. You can also buy a gift for a friend. Take today dealt current functioning. A particular time will have to wait for the outcome of the work. In physical and mental stress relief. Financial sector problems would be over. Avoid wasteful expenditure control Krenknya mess it up. Keep work and confidential conversations. Avoid wasting time in useless things. You will be short of time. Running throughout the day there will be more. No job is worse than in haste. Public to say no one you can talk to.

Know All About Aquarius

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Astrological Forecasts



February 20, 2017 to February 26, 2017


These days, your mind will be less of a sense of hopelessness. Jobs and businesses can start working on new ideas. Unemployed people can find new work. Job or business will make money. The funds will help the family and job. Income-related important decision you can take these days. Before starting any particular job definitely take advice from someone experienced. In these days of price action funds transiting moon in the horoscope will. Health will remain a concern. Seeking a career change in your life can lead to beneficial Rhegaklv. Rhegakcarykshetr your mood changes according to the partner's behavior may have to take the big decision. The seven-day workspace can cause minor discomfort. These days, you can create a plan, which may benefit you long term. Will prepare notes. Seek opinions from friends. Glamour and Arts students are likely to meet success.

Know All About Aquarius

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Astrological Forecasts

February 01,2017 to February 28,2017

Aquarius will be normal for those times. Well then you will be energetic, but can somehow be disturbed. Keep an eye on enemies in this month. Try to avoid disputes. Decline in domestic happiness. Spouse may have differences. Love Life can become an unpleasant situation. At home, speak carefully and try to avoid unnecessary disputes. Any significant change in their style of working may have to. Prepare themselves for sudden changes. Business can also be a disadvantage. Be careful. Well, be sure to consider before starting a new job. Work will be completed with the help of friends. Be careful about health. Will laziness. Gas and acidity can be the problem. Joint pain will be. Blood pressure is not right time for patients. Be careful.

Know All About Aquarius

Aquarius Yearly Horoscope 

Yearly Astrological Forecasts
Jan 01, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017

The year, on its own, any way shall be pretty busy and hectic, especially as it begins. If you happen to work or are a business-person, work shall remain your priority, and shall be so heavy that you may, at times, find it all pretty dreary. If you are a retired person, or someone without a fixed work schedule, routine may keep you busy and occupied.
In love, you may continue to remain unsure of a relationship. Many of you may ne averse to commitment and shall keep dilly dallying for some time. The truth is that your planetary positions shall be quite favorable for building a strong heartrending bond. So, do give that a real shot! 

The months of April and May 2017 would be opportune for the ones serious about getting married. Health may bother you on various occasions, if you fail to curb stress and take preventive measures. Take care!

As for the results and recognition, understand that they may take their sweet time in coming. 

Don't fret! Stress shall be your biggest enemy this year, and you should do all you can to keep it at bay. Go with the flow, and you shall be largely sorted. Don't try swimming upstream, unless it's extremely important to do so. 


Aquarius in one Line - Friendly, eccentric, glamorous but unpredictable
Inborn Desire-To Know and Understand.

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the Zodiac. It starts from 300 degrees of Vernal Equinox and extends up to 330 degrees. Airy by nature, fixed and masculine, Aquarius is a sign of short ascension. Sign Aquarius is also termed as moist, human and voice sign. Sign Aquarius is known for controlling water and gas in human body. Aquarius born individuals are mentally alert, open, friendly and curious about anything and everything that is new. They are original thinkers, often eccentric, who prize individuality and freedom above all. They chafe at restrictions placed upon them by society and seek to follow their own path. Once they make up their mind about something, nothing can convince them to change what they believe.

Sign Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus -a planet of change, rebellion and revolution. It stays in a sign for around 7 years. It takes a year to 84 years for Uranus to orbit the sun. Classically, it is depicted as planet of change. Its influence in the chart represent its movement in the chart sweeps away the old and brings in the new. The house cleared by it show remarkable transformation and change of thinking and attitude as never felt before. The sign Aquarius is represented by a Water bearer. The ripples symbolize the blend of intuition and reason in humanitarianism.