Vasant Panchami

Vasant Panchami or Sripancmi is a Hindu festival . On this day, the goddess of learning , Saraswati is worshiped . The worship eastern India , northern Bangladesh , Nepal and the big joy is celebrated in many countries . On this day, women are yellow robes .
In India and Nepal to the year in which they were divided into six seasons of spring, people had the desired season . When the spring comes flowers , gold sparkles in fields of mustard , barley and wheat grains seem like bloom , blossom on the trees of mangoes come and each side Maaderane seem like colorful butterflies .
To welcome spring, the fifth day of Magh month, which was a big celebration in worship of Vishnu and Cupid , it was called the festival of Basant Panchami . In the scriptures of Rishi Panchami Basant Panchami is mentioned
Katha Of Vassant Panchami
In the early period of creation of the command of Lord Vishnu, Brahma organisms , particularly of human creation . They were not satisfied with their creativity . They think that something is lacking around which silence prevails . Brahma, Vishnu, with permission from his Kmndl water sprinkled on earth as it began to vibrate water dispersed . Then come, among the trees was a wonderful power . It was to come, of a Quadrangular beautiful woman whose currency had a harp and second hand bridesmaid. Other book and rosary in both hands was. Brahma Devi harpers requested. As Devi Mdhurnad harp, the worlds animals received the speech. In the uproar sparked stream. The wind began to rustle from running. Then Brahma said that Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of speech. Bagishhwari Saraswati, goddess, Sharda, is worshiped by several names including Vinawadni and muse.
Goddess Saraswati described in the Rig Veda states Forms
प्रणो देवी सरस्वती वाजेभिर्वजिनीवती धीनामणित्रयवतु।
It means,These are the ultimate consciousness. Muse as it is our intelligence, wisdom and patron of attitudes. Goddess Saraswati who we are by his conduct and intellect. The richness and splendor of nature is amazing. According to mythology, Krishna Saraswati had blessed them with the happy spring festival day you too will worship and simply Panchami day of spring in many parts of India, the goddess of learning, Saraswati is worshiped began that continues today