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Lal Kitab is second stage of vedic astrology and one of the way of astrology in which lal Kitab throws sufficient light over vivid dimension of human life which were never discussed in classical astrology. Much younger than its classical counterpart, it covers the modern lifestyle and day to day to find classical astrology.

The astrologer use lal kitab for astrology in which lal Kitab remedies /upay are affordable, easy and provide quick result.

One of the quick result giving person is a famous Lal Kitab expert Mr. Pawan Gupta.

Who is expert in Lal Kitab by which he help the others by giving the right path and quick result for solving problems.

He is the person having self confident and have faith on himself for right result. As he believes in Saying “ the person who believe in herself/himself and have self confident that person move on at top and other believe or trust on him with closed eyes.”

Pawan Gupta Delhi born in 1969.  By having interest and god’s blessing he step up towards this profession He got knowledge and studied about numerology, lal kitab and vastu from well known famous institutes.

After getting the studying from institute and got the certificate. He further stepped up for gaining knowledge from his Guru Parv Shiyash.

Now with the experience of 10 year he give the service in Delhi. He has made predicting and enhancing people future through numerology, lal kitab or vastu. H is spiritual, prospector, motivator.

He has go much reward for his work. Two of them rewards are Jyotish Bhawan and jyotish Prabhakar he got from ALL INDIA FEDERATION OF ASTROLOGER’S SOCIETY.

He has attend lot of conference on of certified conference he attended is LAL KITAB by GURUDEV G.D VASHIST in which he got certificate also..

He also done the lots of social work by giving helping hand to needy/poor person. Who need love and affection.

Once you believe him you always like to trust him.

The person who want to consultant him. Please consultant by giving him, Date of birth, Place of birth, Time of birth.













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