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27 March, 2017

If you keep your planning secret then it will be beneficial. If you take cautious steps in matters related to money, then you will succeed. The money will be dealt with by the lending or taking money. Today, your close friend will give you good advice, which will benefit you. You can meet with a new person too. Which can give you a big advantage.

Be careful, you can have some kind of misunderstanding. The eighth house of the horizontal horoscope will disturb you. Yoga is also a result of injury or accident. Due to office responsibilities, you may also have to leave some of your personal requirements. You may feel more uneasy. The opposite situation can bother you and give you anger. Control anger. Can be attracted to extravagant works. Suddenly your money can stop suddenly.

 Love-unmarried people will get marital offers. The day will be good. Relations in love life are good.
It's time to be careful for the traders. Think carefully. Some students of this amount can also get good success in less work.
Keep getting needed check-ups from time to time.

Know All About Leo

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Astrological Forecasts


March 27, 2017 to April 2, 2017

The beginning of the week will not be right for you. In these days, the owner of wealth will remain in the eighth house of the horizontal horoscope. The owner of your zodiac can also cause health problems due to being in the eighth house of the horoscope. This week, Venus, the owner of Karma, will be working in the eighth house of the horoscope. Do not take any major risks in business these days. Employed people work from their work. Avoid conflicts of others or engaging in any matter. You have to be careful in these days. Your expenses will increase. You can become disturbed by any public matter being public. In the middle of this week, some unfinished tasks can be completed. You can have a big advantage in the coming days due to the completion of small good work. In these days, you do any work with full energy. The things that are very small for you, they will be very important to anyone else. By making these small things change you will try to win the mind of the people. This time is not right to make any major decision in matters of shares, land, property etc. In these days, you can have serious talks about your progress with the officials. May be involved in social programs.

 Love life will be normal this week. Support will be from a spouse. It would be best if you do not pay much attention to small things. There will be a chance to move somewhere.

 If you are preparing for a competitive exam, you can get success soon. This time is not right for the people in the job. Do nothing new.

These weeks will not be correct even in health-health matters. Some chronic disease can emerge again.

Know All About Leo

Leo Monthly Horoscope

Monthly Astrological Forecasts

 March 01,2017 to March 31,2017

Was mixed month for those who remain. In these days of good conditions Tue may help friends and brothers. Be careful these days about health. Sun will create blockages in the eighth coil tangible employment. Savings may be over. You are likely to harm the business. You can also spoil some of laziness. A person can also aid you in this month. Money may be lost in the last days of the month. The tension could rise after holding money. Built on anger control will not work can become worse. The public can have a confidential talk. Be careful.

Know All About Leo

Leo Yearly Horoscope 

Yearly Astrological Forecasts
Jan 01, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017

2017 for Leo could prove extremely auspicious . This year, the economic situation will not face the challenges . In the second part of the year and also speed up your luck . Less than labor income is likely.   that the business can be profitable for the year. Real estate-related people can do some damage. Nowhere is likely to benefit from the windfall. Stock market investing can be profitable this year, although it would be good to wait until the middle of 2016. Be careful in online shopping could otherwise cause enormous damage. Of August 11 after the increase in deposit money, jewellery attainment and family happiness and peace and prosperity will prevail good sum.

Leo can be the best for students 2017 . You will surely find a little too hard . You will be pleased and yoga teachers are to succeed in exams . serviceman would bode well for 2017 . The time for studies of areas such as banking or management is favorable

Year  2017 Leo is very auspicious for the people. Happiness into your life with very little volatility will remain. Loving relationship with your spouse will be. Also your relationship with the father, but the mother of good will may differ.  possibilities of having children in the family atmosphere of happiness, because your luck  will be good. This year's sudden promotion to children's specially.
For the full year 2017 you will be very lucky. sweetness in your whole year will remain. Life will be full of romance and beautiful moments. Very auspicious year for marriage is love. This year, in your life, peace, love, love, harmony and understanding will bring springtime. Your relationship may be stronger after August. Singles will also have good relationships.
In 2017, Leo natives will remain rich health . Health is very favorable in terms of time , you find yourself as an all-rounder will feel full of confidence and elation . But this year, for a short time , you may face mental problems . But it worries will soon be over.


Leo in one Line - Dignified, Strong willed reliable, power conscious but reckless and dominating.
Inborn Desire-To gain power

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac. It starts from 120th degree of Vernal Equinox and extends up to 150 degrees. Fiery by nature, fixed and masculine, Leo is a sign of Long ascension. Sign Leo is also termed as hot, dry, bestial and barren sign. Sign Leo is known for infusing warmth and well-being. Leo borns have a strong sense of nobility running through their veins. They are extroverts who like to live life to the fullest. They love being centre of attention and often surrounded themselves with admirers. They aspire for loyalty and once it is there, they offer generosity, warmth and compassion. They seek to succeed and make an impact in every situation. Their flamboyance and personal magnetism extends to every facet of their life. Sign Leo is ruled by the star Sun - A large constellation of night sky. It takes a year to orbit around 12 signs of Zodiac. Classically it is depicted as planet of vitality, energy and creative power. Its influence in the chart represents individual character, spirit and will power. How one expresses, responds, instinctively reacts to people and situations, carries and launches oneself on world stage is deciphered by the position of Sun in the chart. It energises individuals and triggers the events, and experiences during entire span of a year. The sign Leo is represented by the Lion's Mane. The Lion - the king of beasts symbolizes regal nature of this sign.