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Acharya R.P Gupta

Born and reared in a traditional Hindu family, Mr. R.P is a Delhi based online Astrologer renowned for his fine astrological readings highlighted by his ability to make intuitive prediction about the future. A law graduate from Delhi University, Mr. Gupta also holds a Diploma Course in Russian Language, and has featured in various TV Channels and national newspapers with his astrology related predictions. Traditionally hailing from a reputed business family having a well established export business, Mr. Gupta has been blessed with the gift of intuition from a very young age. But it was not until 1975-1976, that he finally had a strong inclination to devote himself to this vedic science; Astrology. During this period, Mr. Gupta came across a priest who after seeing Mr. Gupta’s Horoscope advised him to go for an export order placed by a London based client. However, contrary to the priest’s predictions, Mr. Gupta suffered losses to the tune of Rs. 40,000/- (in 1975-76) in the deal at that time.

After facing such a big jolt in business due to a priest’s false predictions, Mr. Gupta decided to study this Vedic science of Astrology himself to find out whether the priest had failed to make the right prediction due to his own incompetency or there was a possibility that this ancient Vedic science could have been flawed.  Being a strong believer in the theory of ‘Karma’.  Mr. Gupta immersed himself in exploring the various facts of Astrology and how they were used in making an accurate prediction about the future events.

Going deeper into Astrology and its related sciences, he spent years studying astronomy, palmistry, Gemstone Therapy and Numerology to seek the possible cause of his business loss despite his most honest efforts, and finally he realized that the actions of every individual’s previous life determines his/her present. That’s why every event of an individual’s present life which was beyond his/her control was predetermined.

A fact clearly stated in 18/11/42 Sholka of Bhagwat Geeta….

“ A good work place, a good environment at work place, a good doer and all the resources and efforts of doer, if not able to perform a work, then only the ‘Fate’ is the reason for non-completion and faliur.”

  In the light of the above fact, is it possible that an astrological remedy can change the course of events? Mr. Gupta after his years of research and study says, ‘Yes! An astrological remedy has the power to change the course of events in a person’s life to a great degree, but it is only possible if the right remedy is given by way of Mantras, Spiritual Pujas or Gemstones.’ He further says, ‘It is important that the person giving the remedy has to be fully aware of the ways in which Astrology works.

Having spent 32 years in detailed study of thousands of Horoscopes and study of Astrology, Astronomy, Palmistry, Gemstone Therapy and Numerology, Mr. Gupta has developed a profound knowledge of this subject with expertise over various matters such as money, fate, health, foreign travel, property, education, progeny, litigation, longevity, career, marriage, romance & divorce etc.

Sometimes there are people who do not know their birth time and wish to know their future to execute their plans. For this Birth-time Rectification may be done by giving major events of life such as education, marriage, child-birth, profession, property purchased or sold, death of parents or grandparents etc.

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