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Pravin Kumar Jain

A man name as Pravin Kumar Jain born in 1950 in Muzafar Nagar. Pravin Kumar Jain known as famous astrologer, numerologist, vastu shastra consultant, palm reader. He uses the concept of vedic astrology or numerology. He is combining the strong effects of the wonderful benefits of all to consultant, combination of all gives most accurate and precise reading and results. He has been giving self-less service to many thousands from past 25 years and is having a great hold over the all. He has done lot of research to reach at top.


He is equally famous in abroad by giving online service as well as in India. Giving a live service Gujarat  and his client swear by his prediction and to the point analysis of various facts of life education, health, property, vehicle purchase, travel, carrier and financial prospects, marriage, children etc. He owes all his success from his parents and family support.


With his superior knowledge and experience he always and everywhere honored by people. He attended the conference of Shri Durga Mandir Sabha Samiti there he consultant people without any charges.


He got the rewards like Jyotish Ratana Shri by Bhartiya Jyotish Parishad Kanpur ,  Jyotish Baskar, Jyotish Vachispati from Lucknow, Trilakdashi Reward Reward by Bhartiya Jyotish Parishad Kanpur , Devyagya Bhaskar by Nakshatra Vani and Jyotishpeth Bhartiya etc.

He also got an Honoring Certificate Shri Durga Mandir Sabha Samiti, Time of astrology, Future Samachar etc.  


 Consultation for astrology required Date of birth, Time of birth, Place of birth.

                      For Palmistry required clear Palm Photograph

                      For Vastu Consultant required map

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